November 2019 - The Philanthropy Issue

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Living in Sunshine

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Letter from the Editors

Hola, hermosos!

If this is the first time you've joined us, welcome! We hope you'll subscribe to our mailing list and join our journey. If you are a current subscriber, we are so excited you're back, and hope to see you on a visit to San Miguel soon.

May is the month that many people start to book summer vacations. As kids finish up school and the oppressive heat starts to take hold in the Southern United States, it's now time to get out of dodge.

For this month's issue, we sat down with vacation rental specialist, Jim Castro, to discover the city's most desirable neighborhoods for luxury rentals. With a plethora of great options, you can find anything from villas with swimming pools and home gyms to tranquil casitas for two. Should you aspire to transform a property into a luxury rental, look no further than our guest post from interior designer Christine Martin of The Good Abode.

We've also come up with a quick primer on everything you'll need to know as a new arrival in San Miguel with The First Timer's Guide to San Miguel de Allende, and a list of the best pools in the city and beyond.

Now, if you're anything like those of us that live in San Miguel, one vacation just won't be enough for you. Get inspired and consider becoming a Luxepat yourself with our new recurring Expat Spotlight. Every month, we’ll feature a new person, couple, or family that moved to San Miguel de Allende from someplace outside of Mexico. First up are our friends, Esteban & Sebastian, who are in the final phase of building their new boutique hotel, The Brooklane.

We think it’s a great way to get to know our fellow expats better and shed some light on what it’s actually like to live in San Miguel de Allende, the Greatest City in the World.


Martha & Nicole

Luxepatriate Magazine

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Rentals & Neighborhoods

A Sense of Where to Stay

When traveling, the location of your home-base can make or break your vacation. With so many different neighborhoods in San Miguel, all with their own unique flavor, it is almost impossible to know where you will want to be without scoping out each area first-hand. Of course, that isn’t possible when booking your vacation from afar. The next best thing is to work with a well established and respected professional.

We spoke with local rental guru Jim Castro from Agave San Miguel, who has lived in San Miguel de Allende for 15 years, to find out more about the local vacation rental scene.

Jim has a database of over 60 rentals to suit a variety of needs, ranging from casitas to 11-bedroom homes. All of his properties are well located and come with some level of help, from housekeeping 2-3 times per week for smaller homes, to a full-time maid and cook for the larger ones. Additional perks of booking with Agave San Miguel include access to their guest services assistant who will arrange airport transportation, make your dinner reservations, stock your home with food and beverages prior to your arrival, and coordinate your food preferences with the cook.

Jim shared with us the most desirable neighborhoods in which to stay and his favorite vacation rentals in each. We’ve also included a few additional rentals in each of these key neighborhoods from other sources, but for an extensive list of Agave San Miguel rentals, check out their website here.

1. Centro

Centro is generally the most sought after neighborhood. As the name suggests, this is right in the center of town making it easy walking distance to just about everything. The best restaurants and shopping are right in this area, so for many visitors it is worth the potential for noise into the early hours of the morning to be right where the action is.

Casa San Jose

A six-bedroom traditional villa located near the Ignacio Ramirez Market. A total showstopper, this is a great home for groups or small weddings.

Casa Muneca Doll House

This exquisite newly remodeled three-bedroom home is great for families. It has beautiful terraces and a 360 degree views of San Miguel. The upper roof terrace has some of the best views in San Miguel!

Casa Chiquitos

A new three-bedroom home on one of San Miguel's most charming streets, Chiquitos. Each bedroom has an ensuite bath and mini splits (AC & heat). Enjoy incredible western views, including the Parroquia from the main living area. The home also boasts a gym and chef's kitchen and comes with a very talented cook and housekeeper.

La Casa Boheme San Miguel

A two-bedroom tranquil Oasis in the center of San Miguel. A ten-minute walk (or 2 minute taxi) will lead you right into the heart of it all. This house is bright and airy with an open concept living area. It has been decorated with beautiful treasures from around the world.

Casita Beatriz

A newly constructed two-bedroom home, ideal for up to two couples. It is warmly decorated with antique, mid-century and modern treasures from Mexico, Morocco and Turkey. Intimate, while spacious and bright. Each bedroom is decorated with fine linens, down comforters and pillows, and cashmere and wool blankets.

La Casita Boheme Paloma

A beautiful two-bedroom casita located just 5-7 minutes walking distance to the Mercado de Artesanías and ten minutes to the Jardin. The casita is off a unique callejón, a walking street, so there won’t be noise from cars or horns. Design touches with artisan made products throughout.

2. Colonia Guadalupe

A secure neighborhood known as the 'arts district' of San Miguel de Allende. Full of vibrant murals and an active artistic community, it's few blocks away from the Fabrica Aurora Arts Center, a former textile mill that has been transformed into high end art galleries, restaurants and cafes. It is a 5-minute stroll to Historic Centro, and a 12-minute flat walk to the Jardin.

Casa Santuario

A two-bedroom home with artist's studio. Open and spacious living areas with an outdoor patio and gardens. The roof terrace has seating and views of the surrounding neighborhood.

Casa Guadalupe

A beautiful, brand new house with a spectacular view of the Parroquia and its surroundings. This three story home also has a terrace with a spectacular view and a bar where you can enjoy the sunset.

3. Colonia Balcones

Translating to "balconies," this colonia has fantastic views overlooking Centro and the botanical gardens. Predominately a residential neighborhood, you'll find fewer restaurants and tiendas, but the tranquil atmosphere and magical sunsets more than make up for it! Just be prepared to take taxis home, as the steep hills make it a more challenging walk home.

Casa Nueve

This modern three-bedroom home has some of the best views in San Miguel de Allende. Newly remodeled with a mix of contemporary and traditional Mexican design, it is light filled and super comfortable. Jacuzzi and swimming pool.

4. Colonia Guadiana

Guadiana is one of the most prestigious places to live in San Miguel. Here you will find large, elegant homes on beautiful, tranquil streets. This is also a favorite thanks to its close proximity to Centro, but without all the noise.

Casa Kerry

A three-bedroom vacation rental on a closed street near Guadiana Park. This home has purified water, a nice gardened patio with outdoor dining area, sun drenched upper patio, and gas fireplaces in both the living room and master bedroom.

Casa Montego

A four-bedroom, newly constructed home with a pool and outdoor sala with a grill. From its upper terraces enjoy panoramic views of the city and mountains beyond.

5. Colonia Ojo de Agua

Ojo de Agua is located on the other side of Colonia Guadiana and further up the hill. While it is a little quieter and more green, it is mostly residential with just a few little tiendas.

Casa Esquina del Ojo

A newly remodeled four-bedroom vacation rental with security gate, lots of light, and a large garden with a sitting area and fireplace. This is a great price point and a beautiful space.

Casa Ladera

A spacious 3-bedroom home with a combination of Mexican décor, tasteful furnishings, and modern amenities. Each of the bedrooms are equal for couples sharing. The roof terrace has a splendid view of the city.

6. Colonia San Antonio

San Antonio is a very popular location, as it is just a 10-minute flat walk to the Jardin, but a more affordable alternative to being in Centro. This colonia has tons restaurants, shops, and yoga studios. It's home to the famous Saturday Organic Market and Mercado Sano.

Casita Contenta

A newly renovated, single level casita with its own private entrance. This charming and conveniently located home has two beautiful cantera fireplaces and an open floor plan that makes it great for entertaining. Perfect for a couple.

Casa Christina

A spacious home with a lovely backyard garden, front courtyard, and an amazing rooftop garden with one of the best views in the San Antonio neighborhood. The high ceilinged rooms are spacious and full of vintage Mexican art, including an antique chapel door. It is only two blocks from the world famous Instituto which offers a wide range of Spanish and art classes.

Guest Post: Christine Martin, founder and lead designer of The Good Abode

Closer to Home

5 Elements of an Inviting, Luxurious Space

Because of it’s distinct landscape and colonial flair, San Miguel de Allende is a prime location for inviting, luxurious spaces.

When we think luxury, we think extreme comfort and opulent aesthetics. Commercials and movies often portray luxurious lifestyles through sleek cars, shiny jewelry, and mansionesque homes, giving a sense of exclusivity and large bank accounts. Luckily, there are ways to bring the luxe life closer to home.

In the world of interior design, there are several elements that lend to making a space feel luxurious. While some of these may seem out of reach, there are ways to incorporate these elements to give your home touches of grandeur. Local retail design shops, artisan locales and consignment gems offer diverse opportunities to add elements of glam to your home.

1. Awe Inspiring Views

There is no question that homes with distinct views offer next level richness. Whether it is a sparkling city from a high rise or the ocean’s horizon along a beach shore, having a spectacular view to gaze upon adds to the experience of luxury living.

Now, not all of us have the opportunity to watch sunsets from balconies or roof tops, but there are ways to create eye catching vistas in your home. One simple way is by creating an accent wall with a mural wall covering. There are so many photorealistic wallpaper designs available that transform what was once a plain surface in your home into a major city skyline or a string of mountain silhouettes.

An alternative to a gorgeous exterior view is introducing aspects of them. An interestingly designed fountain or vertical garden wall are a couple of ideas that not only change the exterior but add that wow factor looking from the inside out.

2. Feel Good Finishes

Plush. Sumptuous. Sparkling. Luxury interiors, no matter the size or location, embellish in fine finishes. Things like rich hard wood flooring, marble counter tops, and linen upholstery give spaces an air of extravagance.

You don’t have to have all leather or velvet clad furniture to make your space feel next level. A small accent chair or pillow in such materials can do this in a subtle but impactful way. Other rich, inviting materials like organic cotton or Marino wool are soft to the touch and contribute to great comfort in a space. Consider metal and glass, as well, to bring in the bling. A brass framed mirror or glass chandelier add richness and light to spaces.

Speaking of light, ceiling, wall, and floor fixtures can elevate the style of a room. High-end lighting stores are not the only answer here. Consignment shops and flea markets often produce unique and distinguished finds that look and feel expensive.

3. Next Level Comforts

Luxury extends itself beyond the beautiful. It also embraces things that bring enjoyment on a personal level; ways that uniquely make personal spaces very comfortable. A home sauna, dressing room or a theatre system are high cost integrated luxurious examples of this.

However, there are other ways to bring added comforts into your home. Designing a spa-like bathroom with a long tub and soothing light where a soothing bath awaits is one. With small homes, a dedicated part of a room can function as a yoga/meditation space or even home workout area inspiring wellness.

4. Consistency in Design

Luxury interior design is well planned and executed creating effortless flow room to room. This does not have to be limiting in color scheme or style, but cohesive elements show a mindful and intentional design direction. Concrete floors, arched entries, or wooden beams can unify a home with their architectural moods. The fusion of art, soft finishings, lighting, and furniture take an expert eye and skill to make each space speak to its functionality while being part of a holistic plan.

Look for elements that can tie your home together design-wise. Need some assistance? A fresh perspective and professional touch from your local interior designer can do the trick!

5. Surprising Details

Attention grabbing details are key in creating extravagant, luxurious spaces that will keep people talking. Specially designed roof top patios, outdoor tennis courts, and elevators for multi-level homes offer that extra touch of luxury. Ornate architectural components like arches and hand cut stone will also make an impression.

Luxury can also be expressed through interesting paint choices, stenciling, and creative uses of stone, wood, or mirror. A wildly ornate mural or oversized piece of furniture or art can easily become spectacular focal points to a space.

Left to Right: Esteban & Sebastian

Expat Spotlight

Esteban & Sebastian – The Brooklane Hotel

This young, enterprising couple is first up on the Expat Spotlight. Esteban and Sebastian embody some of the greatest aspects of what the young expat community here has to offer. They work hard; they go out; and they want to enrich life in San Miguel for others.

The couple met in Miami and moved to NYC where they lived and worked prior to moving to San Miguel de Allende in October of 2016. Their current project, The Brooklane Hotel, is nearing completion and is currently accepting reservations for bookings in October.

We got a sneak peek at the new hotel and had a chance to visit with them at length about their ambitions, and what it takes to make it as a small business owner living in a foreign country.

Hi guys! The hotel is beautiful! It’s nearly finished—what was some of your design inspiration?

S: Well, Esteban was raised with an art deco aesthetic, but it sort-of reflects a Miami, Palm Springs color pallet, which became the identity. It didn’t start off that way however.

E: Yes, and we are very inspired by [Mexican architect] Luis Barragán’s work in the 1950’s and 1960’s, playing with light and colors.

We are really excited to create a community here— make it feel like a home with the amenities of a hotel. We’re also excited to have an artist in residence periodically, to create and feature great art. And we have a great entertaining space for small musical ensembles.

Where are you all from originally, and how did you get here?

S: I grew up in Detroit and then the Great Lakes area, around the woods and nature.

E: My family is from Cuba, but we left when I was six years old. We moved to Miami where I grew up and then later went to New York.

S: My grandparents retired in San Miguel de Allende 33 years ago, and I had visited them here since 1997. Esteban and I took a trip together 6 and a half years ago where we kept this as our home base while backpacking through Mexico.

We went back to New York and just decided we wanted to work for ourselves and move. We saw all of the big places south of here, Veracruz, Mexico City, Oaxaca, etc., but there is something truly special about San Miguel.

E. Was that 6 years ago? Seven? Yeah, we were in New York and saving every penny that we made. That was really hard because you’re living in New York! We didn’t go out, we didn’t party. We were there to work and save money until we were ready to leave.

S: It was 6 and half. (Smiles).

What made you guys want to open a hotel? Did either of you come from entrepreneurial families?

S: My grandmother raised me and was a huge influence on my life, a strong Jewish New Yorker. She always encouraged me to be an entrepreneur. Esteban’s family has owned hotels forever.

E: Going all the way back to Cuba, my family owned hotels there. Until they had to move from Cuba because of Castro. They owned properties in Miami and New York also. You could say that it’s in my blood! I worked for a long, long time in the hospitality industry for major night clubs doing marketing. We were living in Miami and just decided we were done with that lifestyle.

A bit nocturnal isn’t it?

E: Yes! And I no longer wanted to do that. After leaving Miami, I realized that I wanted to follow a dream I always had of owning a small hotel... I know it sounds crazy, but as a young boy, I always dreamt of having my own hotel business.

S: I worked my way up from busser to captain in the food and beverage industry. I love the customer service aspect of my job. I love to make someone’s day!

How did you find this property?! Why did you decide to build?

S: My grandparents! My grandfather is an architect, and I knew that one day I really wanted to work on a project with him. He still lives here. Sadly, my grandmother passed away recently and didn’t get to see this. But I did get to share this experience with him. It has been a very difficult process these past two years. You make a lot of mistakes and just have to learn from them and keep on moving. It’s that persistence that makes someone successful. You just have to keep going.

What would you all say to other young, would-be entrepreneur expats? Any words of wisdom?

E: Do your homework! And save, save, save… Save your money! Get a good lawyer. Actually, I’d probably say that is #1. As soon as you get here, find a good lawyer to help you navigate things. And don’t be scared.

S: That is a great question. Do it because you love it and not because everyone else is doing it. You may not make money right away. Dive in and don’t be afraid. There will always be challenges and it’s how you navigate them. That is what defines you. Ideas need to make sense with the market… Be original. An idea can stretch a long way if it is implemented correctly. Take the time to establish a brand and identity different than anything else. And embrace failure. It’ll happen ten times over! You learn so much more from your failures.

That is really inspiring, guys. So true. Even just making the move to get down here costs more than you think it will. Always. How have you all seen San Miguel change since you’ve been here? Who’s coming, and what do they do?

E: People who work on their computers! Young people who are very entrepreneurial.

S: Yes, definitely. Like I said, I have been coming down here for years. When I was younger, it was me with my grandparents at all the cocktail parties. (Laughing). It was a place to retire and sort of lounge around. Now you see all these young people coming here to start businesses away from the expense and red tape you experience in New York or LA or Miami. I think it has even energized some of the retired population into starting new projects of their own.

Globalization and commercialization in bigger cities, particularly in the US, have sort of crushed the creative spirit in those places. Globalization is inevitable, and it will happen here too. But it’s how you navigate it. We have to talk about it and contribute our talents to making this a great place to live.

E: Yes, it’s up to us to create the world we want to live in.

So, guys this has been a really awesome conversation. Thanks so much. Before we take off, what’s next on your travel docket? Where are you going and where do you want to go?

E: I’m headed to France in July for a design workshop. I just finished one this month in Mexico City and am headed to the South of France for another.

S: Israel and Jordan, the motherland if you will, are next up for me. But first, I’ll be going to Nashville. We might also be going to Hawaii.

E: Yeah, I think for us together, Hawaii might be next. But then, there’s always Cuba. (Smiles).

Welcome to San Miguel!

A First Timer's Guide to San Miguel de Allende

Before you kick back and relax, here are the most important things first-time visitors to San Miguel may want to know. The reality of visiting and living in Mexico, is that you're on your own sometimes.

Getting To & From the Airport

The best way to get to San Miguel de Allende from either Leon or Queretaro airports is by booking a shuttle through BajioGo or with a private driver. You can prepay the shuttle with your credit card, and a lot of private drivers will take US dollars.

My go-to driver for travel to the airport or for any out of town day trip is Erik Cuevas. He can be reached on Whatsapp at +52 1 (415) 109-7017.

You can now take the Unebus from the San Miguel Bus Station directly to the BJX Airport in Leon. They offer three departures daily in both directions.

Where To Get Money

Avoid exchanging money at the airport. Even if they say they don’t charge a commission or fee, they almost always offer an exchange rate that is far less favorable than a regular bank. This also goes for the ATM’s in the airport arrival terminal.

To get the best rate, wait until you get to San Miguel to use the ATM or to exchange your dollars into pesos. Most of the ATM Machines and banks are located in the main Jardin, with a few on Calle San Francisco. Outside of Centro, the only other options for an ATM are on Sterling Dickinson near Pure Yoga Fitness or further out on the Libramiento near La Comer or La Luciernaga.

Exchanging money can’t be done at all banks. The best place to go is Intercam on the corner of Juarez and Mesones. Be sure to bring your passport with you!

NOTE: ATM Machines in Mexico are called Cajeros Automaticos.

Dialing Phone Numbers

If you are calling from a non-Mexican number you will dial the country code, city code, and then the number. For San Miguel it will look something like this +52 1 (415) 167 1315.

If you are calling from a local phone, you will dial the city code (415 for SMA) and then the number.

NOTE: WhatsApp is a free app for smartphones that allows you to text and make calls using the internet. It is widely used by most people in San Miguel, and downloading the app prior to travel will come in handy! Remember that you may not have phone service once you arrive. Simply ask for a wifi password from a restaurant or coffee shop if you are out in public.

Water & Ice

We are at high altitude, so you will want to drink lots of water to avoid getting dehydrated. Do not drink water from the tap! I even use filtered water when brushing my teeth. Water and ice served in restaurants are filtered, and bottled water is readily available at the many local tiendas throughout all of San Miguel.

Should you run out of water at your vacation rental, large water garrafones are available at a lot of tiendas, but you can also call to have water delivered to your home. You will be asked to pay for the plastic garrafones with your first order, and from then on, they will take your empty ones when they drop off the new, full ones.

Agua Santorini +52 1 (415) 105-8330

Agua Ciel +52 1 (415) 154-5060

Mariner Water +52 1 (415) 152-8886


Your local tienda is very convenient for grabbing water, snacks, and some essential produce items (basically everything you would need to make guacamole and maybe a few vegetables). There are also many produce stalls throughout town, but if you are in need of more specialty grocery items, and prefer to stay in town, here are your options:

1. Luna de Queso

Two locations with one right in Centro on Jesus and the other on Carretera Celaya heading out of town. Here you will find specialty items including fancy cheeses, olives, and grab and go salads.

2. Mercado Sano

The ground floor hosts several stalls selling, organic meats, cheeses, fish, produce, and some grab and go items. While there, head upstairs for lunch at one of the several restaurants.

3. Via Organica

An organic restaurant with a small market selling organic produce, grab and go items, meats, cheese, coffee and tea, flours, and snacks.

4. Gils

A large tienda with produce, bulk nuts, seeds, grains, and legumes.

5. Bonanza

This is the place for hard to find products and bulk beans, seeds, and spices.

NOTE: For the full grocery store experience you will need to head out of the main center of town to La Comer, Soriana, or Bodega Aurrera. La Comer used to be called Mega, and sometimes you will hear it still referred to under this name.

Calling A Cab

Taxis are readily available all over town, but for those nights when you need to call a cab to pick you up, here are the numbers for a few local taxi companies:

Radio Taxi +52 1 (415) 152-0124

Fernando Taxi Service +52 1 (415) 149-6784 WhatsApp

Taxi Dona Marie +52 1 (415) 152-4579

NOTE: ALWAYS look around you before you exit the cab to confirm you have all of your belongings. If you leave something behind it is nearly impossible to track down the driver once you exit the taxi!

Disinfecting Your Produce

Always disinfect your produce before eating or cooking. You can find liquid disinfectants such as Bacdyn and Microdyn at the grocery store, OXXO, and most convenience stores. After rinsing your produce to remove any dirt, add ten drops per 1 liter of water into a bowl and soak your fruits and veggies for about ten minutes.

Where to Buy Alcohol

There are little liquor stores dotted throughout town, but for a larger selection and better prices, you may want to head to La Comer. In town, the most popular places for buying alcohol are:

La Europea, Canal 13, Centro next to the Jardin Principal

Cavalico Fine Liquors, Calle Ancha de San Antonio S/N Orizaba

Cava Sautto, Codo 36

Getting Your Hair Done

1. Tal Fisher - WhatsApp +52 1 (554) 374-4077

A talented hairstylist who recently moved to San Miguel from Montreal. He received his education from Vidal Sassoon in Toronto and London. He rapidly distinguished himself as a revelation in the Montreal hairstylist world, and has made numerous inroads into the fashion scene with publications in style magazines and contributions to fashion weeks in Montreal and New York.

2. La Lule Hair & Nail Salón - WhatsApp +52 1 (415) 151 1260,

Email -

Cintia Lule is a hairstylist and colorist who specializes in blondes and ammonia-free Keratin Treatments that last up to 4 months. She also offers manicures and pedicures and sells natural products (Carmoxa) for hair, face, and body, including the absolute best natural deodorant I have ever used! She also sells a specialty line for pets that includes a balm for paws.

3. Emily Theis - Appointments at

Emily trained at Vidal Sassoon New York and has been the go-to for both men's and women’s cuts in San Miguel de Allende for the past 8 years. She is a passionate hairstylist with 15 years of experience specializing in haircutting and creating updos for formal events.


1. The Nail Lounge Salon & Spa

We love their spa chairs and gel polish. With many technicians there at a time, I have never had an issue walking in without an appointment.

2. Codo 16

There is nothing luxurious about this little salon on Calle Codo, but they always do a great job. You will need to make an appointment, especially if you want to take advantage of their local's discount offered on Wednesdays & Fridays.

3. La Lule Hair and Nails Salón

While there you can also shop Camoxa Natural Products.

4. Coconut San Miguel

This gorgeous new salon is located on Libramiento 79, just out of town, but they have parking! Call ahead to make an appointment and get directions.


1. The Nail Lounge Salon & Spa at La Luciernaga, Tel: +52 1 (415) 154-4321

2. Bella Piel at Guadiana 3,Tel: +52 1 (415) 105-7092

3. Coconut San Miguel offers sugaring treatments at Libramiento 79,

Tel: +52 1 (415) 185-8820

Ordering Gas

Many rentals in town will include all utilities except gas, and if you run out, you will need to call one of the local companies to come fill up your tank. Here are a couple of options:

Gas Express +52 1 (415)152 7777, cash only

Gas Providencia +52 1 (415)109 5357, cash or credit card


That bell clanging in the streets indicates that the garbage truck is close by. Trash goes out to the curb for pick up. For each neighborhood, this usually happens on a specific day, but it is not always at the same time. If you don't have housekeeping staff on that day, you'll need to know how to do this yourself. Ask your neighbors or housekeeper when this typically happens in your area.

Emergency Numbers

Emergency: 911 or +52 1 (415) 152-0911

Police Department +52 1 (415) 152-0022 or +52 1 (415) 152-2890

Electric Outages +52 1 (415) 152-2890

Red Cross 065 or +52 1 (415) 152-2888

Fire Department +52 1 (415) 152-2888

Hospital +52 1 (415) 120-4746

Unimed for bigger emergencies (heart attack, stroke, car accident, etc). They are the only emergency room facility in SMA with board certified ER doctors

+52 1 (415) 120-0465

Be Well San Miguel - Patient Health Advocates Deb Bickel +52 1 (415) 115-7815 and Sue Leonard 52 1 (415) 103-3952

Whom to Contact if you Break a Bone

Cobble stone streets, a.k.a. Gringo Traps, are vicious. This has actually happened to one of our guests. You'll need an x-ray and possibly crutches.

Dr. Gordillo, Tel: +52 1 (415) 109-5961 WhatsApp


San Miguel's Best Pools

Cooling Off Never Looked So Good

Rosewood San Miguel

This pool is the most expensive one on our list, but it's great. There are cabanas, tons of towels, delicious food and drinks, and a kids pool and hot tub. The grounds are absolutely magnificent. If you like that country club feel, this is your pool.

Cost: $750 pesos

Food & Beverage Included: Yes, $300 pesos.

Days: Open to non-hotel guests Monday to Thursday.

Hours: 8:00am to 6:00pm

Note: Depending on occupancy, the hotel may or may not issue day passes. The hotel advises sending a person in your party to the concierge desk at 7:30am to purchases passes for the day.

Casa Cien

This small, adults only boutique hotel is located right in centro

Cost: $300 pesos

Food & Beverage Included: No, but food and drinks can be ordered from the La Parada menu to enjoy by the pool.

Days: Open to non-hotel guests daily when there are not events.

Note: Please call the hotel directly to confirm they do not have any events scheduled on the day you would like to go. 52 1 (415) 152-0168

Los Senderos

Located in a beautiful 300 acre valley just 3 kms from downtown San Miguel, Los Senderos is a fabulous place to spend a relaxing day. You can swim in the lagoon, book spa treatments, soak in the thermal pool, stand up paddle board, or just park yourself on one of their comfortable lounge chairs and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. The food and drinks are outstanding.

Cost: $600 pesos

Food & Beverage Included: Yes, $400 pesos.

Days: Open Tuesday to Sunday. Closed Monday.

Hours: 10:00am to 6:00pm

Note: This is a playa and not a traditional pool. Ask your driver to take you to the Los Senderos main entrance and then go inside to drop you off at the pool and Manaia Restaurant. Carretera 51, A Dolores Hidalgo, San Miguel de Allende km 3.5, Nuevo Milenio.

Hotel Matilda

This gorgeous pool is nestled in right next to the famous Moxi Restaurant. The swanky feel of the boutique hotel and uber luxurious spa make for a really special afternoon. Book a couples massage early, head to the pool for the afternoon, and dine at Moxi that evening. What a perfect day!

Cost: $25 US dollars

Food & Beverage included: No.

Days: Open to non-hotel guests Monday to Thursday.

Hours: 10:00am to 5:00pm


This is hands down my favorite pool. Located on the second floor of the hotel's Relox location, it is frankly kind of difficult to find. It's small size and super luxurious touches make it a total jewel. The staff is always friendly and helpful and the checkerboard tiled pool is an Instagram dream.

Cost: $380 pesos

Food & Beverage Included: No.

Days: Open daily, but call ahead.

Hours: 10:00am to 6:00pm

Note: Go inside the Doce18 Concept House and curve around to the right where you'll find the reception area. Order drinks from the waitstaff at the pool, and then head inside to the small bar area where they'll serve you anything to eat from the food court below.

Shanti San Miguel

This quiet oasis is just on the outskirts of town. Spend an entire day feeling super pampered with yoga, massages, and eating delicious food (vegan, vegetarian, paleo, or gluten-free). Grab some sun at their gorgeous Moroccan style pool that is 20 meters by 10 meters (excellent for laps) and is heated by solar panels.

Cost: $150 pesos

Food & Beverage Included: No.

Days: Saturday & Sunday.

Hours: 10:00am to whenever.

Note: They're open only on the weekends or by appointment. Either way, be sure to contact them to let them know you are coming. Day passes include towels, dressing rooms, and showers.

Hotel Real de Minas

This hotel has enormous grounds and hosts tons of social events and conventions. It is. a very nice Mexican chain hotel with a mean breakfast buffet! This is a great place to take kids and enjoy an all-day pool experience. Bars and restaurants are all over the place.

Cost: $100 pesos

Food & Beverage Included: No.

Days: Open daily.

Hours: 10:00am to 6:00pm

Hotel Posada de La Aldea

This pool is great for the price. The Posada De La Aldea venue features an outdoor restaurant next to the pool and a 24-hour bar. The concierge desk is also open 24 hours a day. The grounds are unique and beautiful.

Cost: $90 pesos

Food & Beverage Included: No.

Days: Open daily.

Hours: 10:00am to 6:00pm

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