November 2019 - The Philanthropy Issue

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SMA Dining Guide: Special Dietary Needs

When you have food allergies or sensitivities, traveling or moving to a new country is challenging to say the least.

We really are spoiled for choice here in San Miguel de Allende. Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, or even low carb, there is still plenty of cuisine for you to enjoy!



Mexico is probably one of the easier countries to travel to when you can’t have gluten, especially if you can tolerate corn. Tacos and quesadillas with 100% corn masa can be found all over, just make sure to ask what the meat is marinated in. You will want to stay away from spices that might contain gluten as well as mole sauces as they are are often thickened with wheat or breadcrumbs. Also beware of fried items such as flautas as they may have been placed in the fryer with breaded items.


Cheese eating vegetarians will have a little easier time in Mexico as you can easily substitute cheese in many dishes that traditionally use meat, such as enchiladas and quesadillas, and several places offer nachos that can easily be made vegetarian. Vegans don’t need to fret though, as we have some really incredible and fresh produce to enjoy, free of dairy. You can often find tacos or gorditas that can be stuffed with nopales (sliced and cooked cactus) or other fillings such as garbanzo beans, potatoes, or even soy chorizo.


With so many amazing meat and vegetable options, low carb eaters won’t have difficulty finding something to eat in Mexico. You can easily fill up fajitas or molcajetes without the tortillas, and when ordering guacamole ask for chicharrones (pork rinds) instead of totopos (tortilla chips). Ask your server about menu items that include “vegetables” as oftentimes this can just be potatoes.

Below is our list of local restaurants that offer the best options for those with dietary restrictions.

KEY: V Vegan, VG Vegetarian, GF Gluten Free, LC Low Carb

Arcadia SMA- V

This vegan restaurant is open for breakfast and lunch and their offerings include smoothies, bowls, and pizzas, among other things.

Ancha de San Antonio 10A

Casa Buen Viaje- V

A brand new vegan restaurant and mezcal bar.

Zacateros 81C

Comida Afro Allende- V VG GF

Healthy, rich, and hand-crafted Ethiopian food available for delivery only through ComiDomi SMA. If you are gluten free be sure to let them know and they will give you rice instead of injera.

Don Taco Tequila -V GF

This restaurant recently went all vegan and it as popular as ever. They have a long list of very inventive tacos and delicious mezcal margaritas.

Calle del Dr Ignacio Hernandez Macias 83

El Tupinamba- VG

This Spanish restaurant has a fantastic vegetarian paella.

Zacateros 45

Garambullo- V VG GF LC

One of my favorite places for breakfast, with gluten free pancakes, and low carb frittatas.

Animas 46

Inside Cafe- V VG GF LC

This is a local favorite located just across the street from the Biblioteca. You will find people working away on their computers in the main cafe, but head up to the terrace for the all day brunch. I promise you will want to go back multiple times to try everything on their menu. For vegetarians who eat cheese, their grilled cheese is the absolute best in the world! Try their Friday night Asian Fusion menu!

Avenida Insurgentes 66

Kumorah- V VG GF LC

Because sometimes you just need something sweet. This little ice cream shop serves up dairy free, vegan ice cream that is mixed with whatever flavoring you want. I usually go for a refined sugar free option that sweetens the ice cream base by mixing in fresh fruit.

Umarán 32

La Cañada de la Virgen GF, LC

They sell 100% grass-fed, grass-finished beef from happy cows who enjoy a peaceful existence, wandering freely with their community among an abundance of varied and copious pastures just outside of San Miguel.

Their 100% grass-fed meat contains more beneficial Omega 3 and is naturally lower in fat. All cuts of meats as well as Bone Broth and Pet Treats are available for purchase at their headquarters on Orizaba, but you will also find some of their products sold at Mercado Sano, Via Organica, and Luna de Queso.

Restaurants who use their meat include Birdie’s Burgers and The Restaurant, and you can enjoy a cup of their bone broth anytime at Ki’bok Coffee.

Orizaba 2

La Mezcaleria- V VG GF LC

They make amazing mezcal margaritas and plates large enough to share. I especially love the veggie platter and the shrimp with rosemary and cherry tomatoes.

Calle Correo # 47-A

La Parada- V VG GF LC

This Peruvian fusion restaurant can make some dishes without soy sauce to make them GF, but you have to ask. There are plenty of vegetarian and vegan options for veggie lovers. Try the Pisco Sour!

Recreo 94

Los Milagros - V, VG, GF, LC

Order the vegetarian Molcajetes that are full of veggies and cheese, or get it with meat, fish, or shrimp. If low carb, forgo the tortillas and beans, and you will still have an incredible mix of veggies and protein that comes with guacamole. For cheese eaters, this is my husband’s favorite place for cheese enchiladas in San Miguel.

Relox 17

Luna Rooftop Bar- V VG GF LC

This rooftop bar at the Rosewood Hotel is a favorite for visitors to see the most spectacular view of the Parroquia. The first thing the server will ask you is if you have any allergies or dietary restrictions the chef should know about. They also have a menu that identifies gluten free and vegetarian options to make it easy for you.

Nemesio Diez 11

Mercado Sano- V VG GF LC

This is the perfect one stop shop for all of your healthy grocery needs. Vendor stalls cover two floors with pretty much anything you would need including an organic salad bar, a fish stall, frozen yogurt with vegan options, produce, sweets, and restaurants and cafes on the top floor. You will also find cruelty free cosmetics and skin care.

Ancha de San Antonio 123

Mikka- GF LC

This poke bowl joint has gluten free soy sauce on hand and will let you order spiralized zucchini as a base instead of rice for a lower carb dish.

Salida a Celaya 51-A

Muro Cafe- V VG GF LC

With a very extensive menu, there is sure to be enough options to please a large group with differing tastes and needs.

Cerrada de San Gabriel 1

Nectar- V VG GF LC

This charming cafe occupies a quaint courtyard and has a menu full of items catered to vegetarian and gluten free clientele. I love the gluten free scones that come with a plate of fruit. Pair with a pot of their specialty loose leaf tea or french press coffee and it is a perfect breakfast.

Correo 43

Neapolitan Pizza-VG GF

If you plan to go for the gluten free pizza, give them a couple hours notice so they can be sure to have gluten free dough on hand. They also deliver.

Julián Carrillo 4B (upstairs)

Oso Azul- V VG GF

Another great breakfast spot with an array of vegetarian and gluten free items.

Zacateros 17

Querencia - V VG

in Colonia Guadalupe near Via Organica. This is the best place to get bread. I'm gluten free except this sourdough bread. It's freshly made every day and super healthy.

Julián Carrillo 4B

Ruby Joy’s Delivery Only Cafe- V VG GF LC

For those days you just want to order delivery, Ruby Joy’s offers fresh, tasty, and healthy meals delivered right to you. My favorite item on the menu is the Chicken Alfredo Gone Health Nut served over zucchini noodles with a vegan garlic sauce and sundried tomato pesto- completely gluten free and soooo good!

Contact by phone 415-690-RUBY (7829)

Rustica- V VG GF LC

Healthy and diverse breakfast and lunch menu including specialty lattes and smoothie bowls. A Luxepatriate favorite for sure!

Salida a Celaya 34

Sabroso- V VG GF LC

For keto folks that eat dairy they will make you a taco shell out of cheese, and they have several vegetarian options including a taco with plantains and mole.

Zacateros 41

Salon Oaxaca- V VG GF

They offer Vegetarian Tlayudas, which is a handmade dish in traditional Oaxacan cuisine consisting of a large, thin, crunchy, toasted tortilla covered with a spread of beans, lettuce, avocado, Oaxaca cheese, and salsa. If you order it without cheese then it is vegan. Be sure to try their Mezcal Tasting Flight.

Insurgentes 44

Santo Remedio- V VG GF

Located on the second floor at Mercado Sano, their menu is all gluten free including waffles and delicious sweet or savory blintzes. They also have a list of gourmet hot and iced teas.

Ancha de San Antonio 123

Shamana Plant Based Foods- V

This vegan food truck is located outside of Mercado Sano.

Ancha de San Antonio 123

The Restaurant- V VG GF LC

Everything on their menu is fantastic, but locals love to gather here on Thursday nights for Burger Night. Go bunless for a gluten free version, vegetarians will love La Hippy, and pescatarians will enjoy the Fillet O Fish and the sushi rolls from the bar. We think this is the best sushi in town!

Sollano 16

Turk- V VG GF LC

Serving up Mediterranean street food in a super hip space, I have found this restaurant to be incredibly accommodating in terms of modifying their offerings to suit any dietary needs.

Salida a Celaya 16

Victoria's- V VG GF LC

Pozole is a traditional Mexican soup that is typically made with pork and can be seasoned and garnished with shredded cabbage, chile peppers, onion, garlic, radishes, avocado, salsa and limes. This little hole in the wall offers a vegan version as well as the traditional option.

Calle Ancha de San Antonio 35